Monday, May 2, 2011

BioBubble Review Soon

The Manufacturers of the All New BioBubble, Has asked me to review their product.

When it arrives I will be setting up two BioBubbles, One is a freshwater tank the other will be a saltwater setup. I look forward to putting the tank through its paces, I believe that even though the tank size limits its inhabitants there are still plenty of options out there to have a fully funcitioning and beautiful aquarium.

I will be keeping these tanks running for months, showing that even small tanks can be completely stable.


  1. This thing does not look like it could be over 10 gallons. The is no way that is could possibly house a saltwater setup except maybe an extreme nano reef with a shrimp or maybe 1 damsel. On the freshwater side, goldfish are disgustingly messy fish and the filtration could in no way keep up. tropical freshwater, maybe a few neon tetras. Interesting concept, obviously the manufacturer knows nothing about animals. Maybe if the scale was increased substantially!

    1. Hi they are about 3 gallons.

      If you ever take the time to visit There are tons of tiny tanks dedicated to saltwater.

      I'm not saying you can put a shark in it. but you could easily start with liverock, Once cycled you could add nerite and other small snails. Blue leg hermit crabs, Peppermint shrimp.

      There are also Small saltwater fish, Which at adult size get barely larger then a half inch, which would do fine in a 3g.

    2. Ahh Yea I see your referring to the Box's design?

      Yea unfortunately most companies graphic designer knows nothing about the product they're working on.

      It happens a lot, if you ever head into Petco you see 5 gallon tanks with pictures of ball pythons in them, Obviously wrong ofcorse.

      Id never take a companies packaging as gospel. Always do research and plan out what you want to stock the tank with before purchasing