Monday, May 16, 2011

Setting up the BioBubble

Here is the Decor I'm using for the freshwater setup, I prefer more of a natural look so I went with natural looking gravel, Stones, and Silk plants (When wet Silk plants look real). Along with the decor I picked up a bottle of water conditioner, Which if your using tap water you'll want to use at it neutralizes the chlorine. Also I picked up a bottle of "Start zyme" which is supposed to help seed new tanks with the beneficial bacteria needed to break down fish waste and keep it from building to toxic levels during the tanks cycle.

Extra Stones
Artificial plants

The Base is opened up and the lid is off, Time to fill the BioBubble.

Once the BioBubble is close to full you can put the lid back on and close the four latches, locking the dome down and making a water tight seal

Now that the dome is pressed down and locked into place it can be filled completely. To be honest I was a little weary when pressing the Dome down, watching the water fill it in, I was checking for leaks making sure the domes gasket was doing its job, and it was, No leaks

The tank Looks great and is ready to go. Conditioner and Start Zyme have been added. Fish will be added in a day or so.

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