Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unboxing the BioBubble

Upon opening we see the Removable bedding plate, used for when the habitat is home to small animals and reptiles.

Displayed here is the contents of the Parts bag: Owners Manual, Filter and Air Pump, Clips, Tubing and Dome gasket. I noticed here that the parts bag was placed ontop of the dome, there was a sheet of Bubble wrap but it was not enough as the Dome was lightly scratched in shipping. I would reccomend the manufacturer to wrap the done itself in bubblewrap as acrylic is easily scratched.

Further unboxing reveals the fence, Used when the BioBubble is housing small critters like dwarf hamsters.

The BioBubble Base, The hole in the middle is where the filter sits when used as an aquarium, and plugged by the Removable bedding tray when used for critters.

The rubber gasket included goes around the rim of the dome and creates a water tight seal.

The four Side clamps are used to unclip the Dome from the base and the two side latches are Squeezed, The base is pulled up extending the unit. Decorating/Tank maintence is done while the tank is extended like this. Once the base is pressed down water rushes back into the dome and the side latches lock the base down. The tank is designed so the dome cannot be removed unless the tank is extended, preventing the water from leaking/flooding out.

Here it is fully assembled and set up for aquarium use, The filter can only be installed one way, you simply line up the grove on the filter with the line on the base and press down fully, The filter has two gaskets and completly seals the unit making it water tight.

All in all its a solid unit, parts do not seem flimsy or easily bent. Next Post I will be setting up this BioBubble as a freshwater aquarium

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  1. when setting up the bio bubble i have seem to run into a problem. The tubing that connects to the air pump is just a tube, yet on the picture in the assembly instructions, the tube has a valve. I recieved a valve but i would have to cut the tube in two to put it one and it doesnt even look like the valve in the picture. Thank you if you could email me pronto that would be awesome!